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GRP Fibreglass

What is GRP / Fibreglass?

Glass Reinforced Plastic, also known as GRP, is a strong, lightweight, corrosion and temperature resistant material. It is easily moulded for complex shapes and structures.  It can be also extremely cost effective compared to traditional building materials.

GRP consists of thermosetting resins and glass fibres which when bonded together result in a solid fibreglass material.

What industries use GRP?

GRP is widely used by a variety of industries.

It has been used for many years in the roofing, water storage, boat building, construction, aviation, automotive and pond building to name but a few!

What Resins are used in GRP Applications?

Resin choice is dependent on application. Some resin types include;

Polyester Resin

Polyester Resins were traditionally used base material in reinforcement layers. Nowadays, Polyester Resins are used across a wide range of industries including Flat Roofing, Pond Building, Marine, Industrial, Water Storage and Domestic applications.

Some of the Polyester Resins sold by FibreGlassDirect are;

  • Lloyds Approved General Purpose – Approved by Lloyds Register – Suitable for Boat Building, Water Storage Tanks, Ponds and Roofing
  • General Purpose Low Cost – Re-blended Resin which can be used for general, non-critical, DIY fibreglass applications
  • Isophthalic – Suitable for use where higher levels of chemical and heat resistance are required
  • Flexible Roofing Resin – Flexible properties to allow thermal expansions/contractions in Flat Roof builds or repairs
  • Xtreme Surfboard Resin – UV Stable and highly transparent for professional surfboard builds and repairs
  • Clear Casting Resin – Transparent resin which is suitable for making costume jewellery and decorative objects

Vinylester Resin

Vinylester Resin is suitable for applications where an outstanding performance to chemicals and heat is required whilst maintaining flexibility.

This type of Resin is often used for swimming pool builds, restoration and marine projects.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resins form strong bonds with surfaces such as wood metal or concrete. If the repair is considered to be structural or critical, Epoxy should be considered.

If attempting to repair an Epoxy product, Epoxy resin should be used.

GRP Applications

In general GRP applications, the resin is used with a glass fibre material. The glass fibre comes in many forms including;

The glass fibre material forms the mechanical strength of the application.

The resin is generously applied to the glass fibre material, worked through with a brush and finally consolidated with a roller to remove any air pockets.

Once cured, the fibreglass material will become a solid, rigid surface.

Carbon and Kevlar/Aramid materials can also be used with Resin if enhanced strengthening of an area is required.

GRP Materials from FibreGlassDirect

Tricel Newry, trading as FibreGlassDirect, has over 40 years’ experience in the fibreglass industry. Using our industry experience, we only offer the highest quality GRP Materials on the market from trusted suppliers.

We supply a comprehensive range of;

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you require any further information on our GRP / Fibreglass Products.