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Monthly Archives: April 2022

  1. Choosing the Right Epoxy Resin for your Project

    Choosing the right epoxy resin for your project 

    Epoxy Resins are now available for a wide range of different applications. However, choosing the right Epoxy Resin for your project can be difficult. This Epoxy Resin Selector Guide provides a good overview of which epoxy resins are ideal for your project. 

    What to look for when buying epoxy resin 

    Epoxy resin has exploded in popularity, so more and more cheap products are on the market. To avoid compromising

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  2. A Guide to Epoxy Resin

    Interest in Epoxy Resin is at an all-time high. With this in mind, we've written this article to help our customers understand the basics and potential of this fantastic product range. Find out more about this hard-wearing, easy to use family of Resins.

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  3. Common Mistakes using Epoxy Resin

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    Common Mistakes using Epoxy Resin

    Author: Karen Connolly
    Categories: Resin
    Epoxy Resin

    Epoxy poured correctly can solve many problems. However, mistakes and mishaps

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