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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  1. Camper Van Fibreglass Repair

    Fibreglass Camper Van Repair

    Have you ever wanted to know how to repair a camper van? Camper van exteriors are mostly made of reinforced plastic parts, allowing repairs that most DIY enthusiasts can easily undertake.

    Using Fibreglass and Polyester Resin materials are the most common and efficient way of repairing a camper van. It can be used to repair cracks and holes in the fairing or leaks in the roof.

    Why choose fibreglass for camper van repairs

    Fibreglass, once mixed with a thermosetting resin such as Polyester or Epoxy resin, will provide a strong and long lasting reinforcement to efficiently repair dings and roof damage to a camper van.

    Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is very lightweight and has almost no limit regarding the way it can be shaped.

    Fibreglass is also a very cost efficient way of repairing a van, compared to traditional repair materials. It also allows different types of finishes (textures and colours) that will fit perfectly with the rest of the van.

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  2. Fibreglass for a Garage Roof

    You can Order a Fibreglass Roofing Kit Online Today!

    Fibreglass is a material widely used throughout the UK and Ireland as a convenient way to build flat roof garage extensions.

    Why choose fibreglass for a garage roof?

    Often recommended for its non-corroding properties, fibreglass is an inert material which makes it perfect for the unpredictable climate that the UK and Ireland often experience. Fibreglass will last through hail, rain, sunshine and snow. Applying materials correctly will ensure the roof will last in excess of 20 years. If in doubt of how to apply fibreglass roofing materials, our installation

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  3. Clear Resin

    Clear Casting Resin is a great way to unleash your creative side and create some decorative pieces.

    The clear casting resin supplied at FibreGlassDirect is a Polyester Resin and as the name suggests it is clear when applied and clear when cured.

    Compared to other Casting Resins such as Polyurethane or Clear Epoxy, Polyester Casting Resin is far more cost effective without compromising on quality. Both Clear Polyester casting and Clear Polyurethane have excellent UV resistant properties. 

    Applying Clear Casting Resin

    Our Clear Resin is slightly different from other Polyester Resins that we offer. The catalyst addition for clear resin is 1% (e.g. 10ml for every 1kg of catalyst) at room temperature. This is slightly different when compared other Polyester Resins which require 2% catalyst addition.  The reason

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  4. GRP Flat Roofing Advantages

    GRP Flat Roofing

    You can Order GRP and Fibreglass Flat Roofing Supplies Online Today!

    GRP or Fibreglass roofing is one of the best, reliable ways to weatherproof flat, pitched or barrel-vaulted roofs.

    Its low-maintenance and quality materials make it one of the most cost-effective roofing methods available.

    What does a GRP flat roof involve?

    Materials required to fibreglass a flat roof include;

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  5. Polyester or Epoxy? How to choose your Resin

    Using resins is becomming increasingly common for DIY, GRP Flat Roofing, Car Repairs, Boat Repairs, Swimming Pool Restorations and Product Custom Mouldings.

    But which one should you use: Polyester or epoxy resin? We have compiled some of our top tips starting with four questions you should ask yourself to determine which resin suits your needs best.

    You can Order Polyester Resin Online Today!

    You can Order Epoxy Resin Online Today!

    What material will the resin to be applied to?

    This is a really important question if you want to achieve a perfect chemical bond. It is important

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  6. How to Line a Fish Pond with Fibreglass

    Latest Post

    How to Line a Fish Pond with Fibreglass

    Author: Karen Connolly
    Categories: Fibreglass Ponds
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  7. Why use GRP?

    If you already know that GRP is the best product for you, you can Order GRP Online Today!

    Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite material commonly known as fibreglass. Composites are materials combined from two or more materials with different physical or chemical properties to create a material with characteristics of both materials. GRP is a composite made from resin and glass, which results in a strong lightweight product. The glass is in the form of either chopped strand mat, woven roving or glass strands. Aramid or Carbon fibres can be used when additional strength is required for advanced applications.

    GRP can be used for a multitude of applications as it is extremely adaptable and versatile. From Flat

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  8. Glass Tape

    What is Glass Tape?

    Glass Tape is non adhesive and is one of the most commonly used items in any fibreglass repair or build. Its versatile nature makes Glass Tape a firm favourite with our customers. 

    The glass tape consists of strands of glass woven together for strength. Once combined with resin, the rigid structure of the glass tape will provide reinforcement and a smoother, protected surface.

    It is normally applied after the shaping and fairing of the area has been completed and before the final coating is applied.

    Generally, Glass Tape is available in a 175g/m2 weight and a variety of widths and lengths in roll format. The sides of the tape are stitched to prevent fraying.

    Glass tape is used to add additional reinforcement to joints or edges, for strong repairs and in boat and kayak construction.


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  9. Fibreglass Repair

    You can Order a Fibreglass Repair Kit Online Today!

    In comparison to traditional building materials, Fibreglass composite materials are generally easier to repair. 

    It is important to note that once the original fibreglass laminate is damaged, any repairs to the original are considered as secondary bonds. With this in mind, the materials used to repair the laminate should be as good as what the laminate was constructed with. This is particularly important for resin choice. For example, if the laminate was constructed with an Epoxy Resin it should be repaired with an Epoxy Resin.

    Any repairs should be matched as

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  10. When to repair a roof

    So when is the best time to repair a roof? The best time to repair a roof is down to each individual job and the level of skill of the person who is undertaking it. For best results each job should be planned ahead to avoid making any rash decisions.

    You can Order Fibreglass Roofing Supplies Online Today!

    Peak roofing season

    The best time of year to repair a roof, for both DIY and professional alike, is of course Summer. This time of year gives dependable working weather conditions and makes the day predictable. It is possible to undertake roofing or repairs during Spring, Summer and even Winter months.

    Professional roofers can apply repairs to a roof all year. They can even apply a whole new flat roof no matter the season. However, fibreglass/GRP roofing systems are easy to

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