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Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. TriKlean, Non-Hazardous Acetone Replacement

    TriKlean is an Acetone substitute that is non-hazardous. It's an effective solvent cleanser. As a cleaner and degreaser, TriKlean works well on all Resin systems. It is completely biodegradable and safe for workers. It is also non-flammable, making it far safer than standard Acetone. Because TriKlean is so powerful (up to ten times stronger than Acetone), it takes less to get more. If used correctly, TriKlean can outlast 10-15 solvent drums and is self-recycling.


    • Continuous duty cleaner for lamination
    • Cleans rollers, brushes, squeegees, tools, parts, etc.
    • Flushing Chopper Guns
    • Cleaning out equipment 

    It's an effective solvent cleanser. As a cleaner and degreaser, TriKlean works well on all Resin systems. It is completely biodegradable and safe for workers. TriKlean, a non-hazardous Acetone substitute, has a variety of applications, including industrial, professional, and other uses. It has a variety of uses, including continuous duty cleaner for lamination, cleaning rollers, brushes, squeegees, tools, parts, and other equipment, flushing spray guns, and cleaning out equipment, among others. Following are many key usages of TriKlean:

    Industrial use

    1. Manufacture of substance
    2. Distribution of substance
    3. Use as an intermediate
    4. Formulation & (re)packing of substances and mixtures
    5. Uses in coatings
    6. Use in Cleaning Agents
    7. Use in Oil and Gas field drilling and production operations
    8. Lubricants
    9. Metal works
    10. Blowing agents
    11. Use as binders and release agents
    12. Use as a fuel
    13. Use in functional fluids
    14. Use in laboratories
    15. Polymer production
    16. Rubber production and processing
    17. Polymer processing
    18. Water treatment chemicals

    Professional use

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    1. Epoxy Resin River Table – The Next Big Thing

      In the field of modern interior design, the Epoxy Resin River Table is a new and popular phenomenon. Each River Table conveys a unique story of life, natural beauty, and inspiration, inspired by captivating trees, fascinating rivers, and spellbinding fields. Discover what the Epoxy Resin River Table is and why it's such a unique and important trend in the world of home design and furniture. We've included a few pointers as well as a brief how-to that will show you how to make an Epoxy Resin table that will have your guests asking where you got it. Resin river tables are one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture today, with examples of decorating the sophisticated living rooms and luxury furniture showrooms. The River Table is a current interior design craze.

      Every River Table, which is inspired by captivating trees, mesmerising rivers, and spellbinding fields, tells a unique story of life, wonders of nature, and inspiration. A River Table made of reclaimed wood and resin can be the perfect choice for you if you're seeking a striking piece of furniture for your home or office, or if you want to complement your space with an elegant-looking, welcoming table that is handmade. Epoxy River Resin Tables are designed to last a long time. The use of high-quality epoxy glue and the weighty, hard, and powerful features of dry wood makes it even more unique. It's a combination of things, but the main one appears to be because they don't have an aesthetic constraint, allowing anyone to design one that fits their style and the place they're using their epoxy river table.

      Find out more about the River Resin Table and why it's such a big deal in the world of interior design and furniture.

      Characteristics of an Epoxy Resin River Table

      • An Epoxy River Table is a hybrid piece of furniture consisting of wooden planks with epoxy resin in the middle.
      • The contained Resin Epoxy often has natural edges, and the blanks look like a flowing
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