Clear Casting Resin is a great way to unleash your creative side and create some decorative pieces.

The clear casting resin supplied at FibreGlassDirect is a Polyester Resin and as the name suggests it is clear when applied and clear when cured.

Compared to other Casting Resins such as Polyurethane or Clear Epoxy, Polyester Casting Resin is far more cost effective without compromising on quality. Both Clear Polyester casting and Clear Polyurethane have excellent UV resistant properties. 

Applying Clear Casting Resin

Our Clear Resin is slightly different from other Polyester Resins that we offer. The catalyst addition for clear resin is 1% (e.g. 10ml for every 1kg of catalyst) at room temperature. This is slightly different when compared other Polyester Resins which require 2% catalyst addition.  The reason for this is the Clear Casting Resin is slow curing. Also, too much catalyst addition can give the resin a yellow tint which will take away from its clear finish.

As the resin is slow curing, larger amounts of resin can be mixed at one time before the resin starts to cure or harden. This works really well for more detailed pieces which require extra working time. However, it is important to note that the maximum thickness of each layer should be 50mm to prevent overheating.Our Clear casting resin can also be pigmented with a polyester pigment paste to make your piece as dark or vibrant as required. Very little pigment paste is required to make even the most vibrant of colours.

If you are using a mould for your clear resin, we recommend that a silicone or polypropylene mould should be used. The flexibility of the silicone will help release the pieces from the mould once cured. CIL release spray can also be used to aid in the removal of the cured resin pieces. Polypropylene moulds have a release already in the mould which will give the product a better finish.

What can I make with Clear Resin?  
Polyester resins Cure with a surface tackiness which can be reduced by placing a sheet of cellophane over the top of the resin as it is curing or adding a wax solution.

Clear casting resin can be used for so many things, the only thing that will hold you back is your imagination! Some customer projects have included;

  • Costume Jewellery
  • Paperweights
  • Encapsulations (encasing flowers & other organic matter)
  • Sculptures
  • Model Making
  • Table top decorations
  • Keyrings

Buy Clear Casting Resin from FibreGlassDirect

We offer clear casting resin in 1kg2.5kg and 5kg. All clear resins are sold complete with catalyst.