Fibreglass Roof Repair

A roof repair is one activity that is best undertaken after careful and thorough preparation. There are many types of flat roofing systems, each using different materials and each requiring different methods of repair. In order to approach any repair successfully, it is important to first identify which system you will be carrying out the repair of.

Some common flat roofing systems are:

  • Concrete: This consists of a solid slab of concrete which caps the top of a structure or building
  • Asphalt: This is a bitumen based type of roofing product which has a stone, grey like appearance
  • Felt roofing: This is a more traditional and common method of roofing. Common on old wooden shed structures. The surface finish has a gritty, rough texture like sandpaper. This protective barrier is constructed of layers of bitumen.
  • EDPM: This is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane
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