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East Coast Fibreglass

If you are looking for Fibreglass Supplies and Materials in Newcastle, Durham, Lincolnshire, Northumberland or Yorkshire to name but a few - look no further! At FibreGlassDirect we offer a solution for all of your fibreglass needs. FibreGlassDirect offer a complete online shop with fast delivery throughout the East Coast!

Popular fibreglass products in the East Coast

Some of our most popular fibreglass product ranges in the East Coast of England include;

GRP Roofing Products

The harsh conditions of coastal living can often have a greater impact on roofing than other mainland areas. GRP Roofing products are perfect for coastal towns as they are corrosion resistant. Our Roofing Topcoat also contains UV stable properties.  With all of these benefits, it's not hard to see why GRP Roofing Products is a firm favourite with our customers living on the East Coast. 

Easy to apply and install, GRP Roofs will last in excess of 20 years with little maintenance required once all materials have been implemented correctly. Fibreglass Roofs can be easily sprayed down with a hose and any excess debris can be swept with a brush if required. 

  • Premium GRP Roofing Kit – This Roofing Kit contains Flexible Roofing Resin, Fire Retardant Dark Grey Topcoat, 450g Matting and Tools. (We also offer some kits without tools) up to 100sqm
  • Low-Cost GRP Roofing Kit – This kit contains Lloyds Approved Resin, Standard Roofing Topcoat (in a Light or Dark Grey finish),450g Matting and Tools. (There is also an option for kits without tools) up to 100sqm
  • Roofing Trims – Pre-formed roofing trims which will help with drainage and give your fibreglass roof a professional and decorative finish (Available in 1.5m and 3m lengths) - Corner roofing trim pieces are also available
Fibreglass Roof Materials

FibreGlassDirect have developed a wide range of video tutorials on how to make the most of your fibreglass roofing products. Make sure to visit our video guides page where we detail the process of the complete flat process. Our videos include the Application and Installation of Roofing Trims, Laminating and Bandaging a Fibreglass Roof and the final stage of the flat roofing process - Applying a waterproof Roofing Topcoat. 

We also have written some top tips on How to install a GRP Roof - Get your top tips now

Polyester Resins

Polyester Resins are a standard ‘go-to’ product for many fibreglass builds and repairs. These resins are used across a wide range of industries including; Roofing, Automotive, Construction, Marine and Arts. Most resins require a catalyst addition of 2% which will give a working time of approximately 20 minutes. Clear Casting Resin however requires just 1% - 1.5% catalyst addition. This is to ensure that the resin does not yellow during the curing process. For more information on Clear Casting Resin - read our instructional guidelines.  

  • Lloyds Approved – Approved by the Lloyds Register. Suitable for potable water storage projects, roofing and standard DIY repairs
  • Roofing Resin – Works really well for flat roof builds and repairs. It contains flexible additives which helps with roof contractions and expansions
  • Clear Casting Resin – Suitable for creating craft items such as costume jewellery, paperweights and keyrings
  • Xtreme Surfboard Resin - Great for surfboard builds and repairs - completely UV stable
  • Isophthalic Resin - A superb resin for boat building and repairs
  • Low Cost General Purpose Resin - This re-blended resin is perfect for non-critical repairs, DIY and hand lay-up projects
Fibreglass Polyester Resin

Fibreglass Boat Repair

Living by the coast – it’s no surprise that Fibreglass Boat repair products are one of the most popular ranges we have. We stock a range of fibreglass products which will cover anything from patch repairs to deeper fills. 

  • Boat Repair Kits – These kits supply everything needed for a professional fibreglass boat repair. The kits contain Isophthalic resin (excellent heat and chemical resistance properties), 450g chopped strand matting and tools up to 10sqm
  • Epoxy Resins – A strong and durable resin, well suited to marine builds and repairs
  • Gelcoat Fillers – Quick setting fillers, to fill cracks, holes or scratches

Fibreglass Boat Repair may seem daunting but with the right 'know-how' and correct materials, fibreglass boat repair can be a rewarding project when taken from start to finish. For top tips on repairing a fibreglass boat, check out our article which help you get started.

Fibreglass Accessories

No fibreglass project would be complete without chopped strand matting (300g, 450g, 600g or 900g), Acetone, Glass Tapes or Tools. 

FibreGlassDirect also stocks a wide range of Ancillary products to complement your fibreglass purchases. We stock a range of Paddle Rollers, Cups, Mixing Sticks, Brushes, Buckets, Roller Refills to name but a few. Don't forget to purchase some Acetone to keep your tools looking like new!

Why choose FibreGlassDirect?

FibreGlassDirect has over 40 years’ experience in the fibreglass supplies industry. We supply nationwide throughout the UK (including the Scottish Islands) and Ireland. We have depots in Newry, Northern Ireland and Stonehouse in Gloucestershire. This puts in a prime position to deliver quickly not only within the East Coast of England but anywhere in the UK or Ireland. 89% of all fibreglass online orders are shipped on the same working day. 

We specialise in Flat Roofing SuppliesGRP Boat Repair, Fibreglass Pond Materials and Multipurpose GRP Kits.

We are happy to supply for any fibreglass project large or small. Why not try us today?

If you require further information about any of our products or services contact us or visit our FAQ page to find out answers to our most commonly asked fibreglass questions.