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Fibreglass Roofing Supplies


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  1. 250mm Blue Stripe Resin Roller Refill
    £3.10 £2.58

    Easy Qick push fit installation

    Resin and Acetone resistant for long life and easy cleaning

    Deep 18mm Nylon fleece holds more resin than Lambswool equivalent

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  2. TriRoof Premium Flexible Roofing Resin & Catalyst
    As low as £19.96 £16.63

    Polyester resin incorporating flexible additives to provide a low styrene emission, fast wet out roofing resin. This resin is able to withstand thermal expansions, contractions & cures quickly to give a strong, durable Fiberglass flat roof.

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  3. E280 Expansion Roofing Trim - 3 metre length (Pack of 10)
    £126.72 £105.60
    E280 Expansion Roofing Trim - Pack of 10 Used as an expansion joint on larger roofs and to create rolls on any ridge details. Compatible with C5 preformed closures. Dimensions Length: 3m Girth: 280mm Flange width: 90mm Height: 50mm This trim is also available in 1.5 metre lengths. Learn More
  4. Paddle Roller 225 x 21mm
    £8.50 £7.08
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  5. 5kg Dark Grey TriRoof GRP Topcoat & Catalyst
    £43.92 £36.60

    Non fire-retardant standard topcoat specifically formulated for GRP / fibreglass roofing builds and repairs in dark grey.


    • 1 x 5kg TriRoof Dark Grey Roofing Topcoat  
    • 1 x 100ml catalyst  
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  6. C100 Lead Flashing Roofing Trim - 3 metre length
    £13.92 £11.60


    Length: 3m; Vertical cover: 100mm; Wall penetration: 35mm

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  7. B230 Raised Edge Roofing Trim - 3 metres
    £15.88 £13.23

    The B230 is fitted to the edge of the fibreglass roof to prevent water run-off. It is compatible with the A170 Fascia Trim and standard corner trims. 


    • Girth: 230mm
    • Depth: 105mm
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  8. D260 Wall Fillet Roofing Trim - 3 metre length
    £14.10 £11.75

    Dimensions: Girth: 260mm Fillet: 135mm & 70mm Upstand height: 120mm Length: 3m

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  9. 5kg G4 Sealer
    £74.81 £62.34
    G4 pond sealer is applied to concrete ponds to prevent water from penetrating the concrete. Additionally it prevents toxic substances such as lime leaching into the pond. G4 pond sealer is polyurethane base, and can be applied directly to concrete, bricks and porous stone. Ensure that the surface is dust free and dry. It cures within 6 hours. Full mechanical hardness is achieved after 24 hours and chemical resistance after 72hours. It may be applied at temperatures from 00C. Normally 3 layers is applied for a durable seal. Coverage is approx 550gm per sq.m for the 3 applications. Learn More
  10. Lloyd's Approved General Purpose Resin
    As low as £16.32 £13.60

    Lloyds Approved Resin suitable for marine use, boat repair and maintenance. This resin is also WRAS Approved. 2% Catalyst is supplied with this Resin.

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  11. TrIRoof 600g Fire Retardant, Fibreglass Roof Kit (Moderate Foot Traffic)
    As low as £79.20 £66.00

    Premium Fibreglass Roof Kit complete with 1 x layer of 600g fibreglass matting, Dark Grey Fire Retardant Topcoat, Flexible Resin and a selection of tools.

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  12. B260 Raised Edge Roofing Trim - 3 metre length
    £15.84 £13.20

    Fitted to the roof edge, this trim prevents water runoff. This trim is compatible with the A200 Drip Roofing Trim.


    Girth: 260mm, Depth: 125mm, Length: 3 metres

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High-Quality Fibreglass Roofing Supplies

FibreGlassDirect roof kits provide all fibreglass roofing supplies and materials needed to complete a flat roof build or repair. Fibreglass is widely regarded as a durable and robust material for flat roofing applications. When applied correctly, a fibreglass roof will easily last in excess of 20 years. 

We supply a comprehensive range of GRP Roofing Materials such as Trims, Kits, Resins and Topcoats which are specific for Fibreglass Roofing. 

Fibreglass is commonly used for Flat Roofs but can also be used for Pitched Roofing applications as well.

Fibreglass Roof Kits

Our complete Fibreglass Roof Kits are designed to make flat roof repairs affordable and easy to use for professionals and homeowners alike.

Each roofing kit is supplied with a high ratio of resin and topcoat to ensure your roof has enough coverage. 

For additional peace of mind, we offer a Fire Retardant Topcoat in our Premium Kits which has been certified to British Standards. The Fire Retardant Topcoat is also available to purchase individually. 

Our Roof Kits are designed depending on the amount of foot traffic that your roof is expected to take. 450g Matting is recommended for roofs that will have little to no foot traffic while roofs that will be expected to take moderate foot traffic would use one layer of 600g. If you are working on a balcony, we would recommed two layers of 450g Matting for extra reinforcement.

Our Fibreglass Roofing Supplies in Application

Wide Range of GRP Roofing Trims

One of the ranges best known at FibreGlassDirect apart from our kits is the range of GRP Roofing Trims that we stock. We have a great selection of Drip Trims, Upstands, Corners, Lead Flashings and Specialist Trims for Roof Windows, Skylights and Expansions.